Monday, October 26

Carl's Jr

We need food to live!

once in a while, HIGH CHOLESTEROL food! (mesti aku bakal disepak peserta The Biggest Loser)

It was my first time eating at Carl's Junior. These are some leisure time thingy with me 50mm. Hehe. ngeeeee~~~~

I don't know. wakakakaka

This may not be a marvelous picture but I tell you so far they have the BEST and MARVELOUS french fries XD

Another fattening french fries (still the BEST)

BBQ Chick! Hot chicks! ahahahahhhaah

I like this picture best. My burger yang berkemban. HAHAHAHAH

I'm not yet hired to become some kind of an ambassador or something but yeah. Worth it.

(Bajet short and simple. CHEEEEEWAH)

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