Sunday, October 25

Small things

Quoted from The Baker Moments,

Small things can be,

Having a cup of Earl Grey Tea with few close friends.

To listen to the sound of the piano.

To eat marvellous desserts in a Hotel during intercourse course.

To see the smile of the people you like *ahhem*.

To see cute and sweet looking pictures of desserts.


And the list goes on.

But we do experience the downs and the times when shit (sorry, no filters) happens. It's only when you discover the reasons behind it and when you realize that the downs DO have an end.

While that happens, remember what akak TOUGH says,

And "small things" can also cause unhealthy life such as envy, inferiority, and greed.

It is easier said than done, but we ALWAYS have to learn to accept and let go. You know what I mean ;D

but my small things have always been a DREAM (as in, impian).

What's your small thing? ;D


  1. my small thing is alwyas something i consider big. hmm.

    oh, i dig this entry :)


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