Wednesday, March 10

I got you, and I gave it all away

Just to share a few songs that got me in touch with myself today ;P

Note to self:

Appreciate what you have, because things will come to their end. And what goes around, comes back around. Do what you want, for the sake of God @ you, not for the sake of others. In the same time, control yourself from what's forbidden.

Thanks who those who have listened ;)

Monday, October 26

Carl's Jr

We need food to live!

once in a while, HIGH CHOLESTEROL food! (mesti aku bakal disepak peserta The Biggest Loser)

It was my first time eating at Carl's Junior. These are some leisure time thingy with me 50mm. Hehe. ngeeeee~~~~

I don't know. wakakakaka

This may not be a marvelous picture but I tell you so far they have the BEST and MARVELOUS french fries XD

Another fattening french fries (still the BEST)

BBQ Chick! Hot chicks! ahahahahhhaah

I like this picture best. My burger yang berkemban. HAHAHAHAH

I'm not yet hired to become some kind of an ambassador or something but yeah. Worth it.

(Bajet short and simple. CHEEEEEWAH)

Sunday, October 25

Small things

Quoted from The Baker Moments,

Small things can be,

Having a cup of Earl Grey Tea with few close friends.

To listen to the sound of the piano.

To eat marvellous desserts in a Hotel during intercourse course.

To see the smile of the people you like *ahhem*.

To see cute and sweet looking pictures of desserts.


And the list goes on.

But we do experience the downs and the times when shit (sorry, no filters) happens. It's only when you discover the reasons behind it and when you realize that the downs DO have an end.

While that happens, remember what akak TOUGH says,

And "small things" can also cause unhealthy life such as envy, inferiority, and greed.

It is easier said than done, but we ALWAYS have to learn to accept and let go. You know what I mean ;D

but my small things have always been a DREAM (as in, impian).

What's your small thing? ;D

Monday, October 12

New set of Kittens!

Not mine, but my neighbours'!

After the death of the three cats named after Brangelina's kids, no kitten had been produced as a new brown female-pregnant cat came to settle into the house so the former cat factory sulked and ran away. We waited for the brown one to pop but all the plot became really complicated and..

The next door neighbour of my neighbour's gave their set of kittens to be raised! And the brown apparently became the surrogate mother to the new set! How interesting! (I only found out last Saturday. haih. And I haven't really confirm how many are the kittens. hahaha. Lambat sungguh berita. wakakaka)

This is the.. First orange ;P

The gray,

The lighter orange,

and the second orange.

I call this pose 69 symbiosis ;P

Finishing leftovers

Santai. wakakakaka

The 3 muffins and the chocolate cake. ngahahahahahaha

That fella knows how to pose though. Mereka ni menarik ;D

We'll see how it goes. I don't think they have their names yet ;P

p/s: Guys, take note. If you start to have a cat for a pet, that's a sign that you have been single for too long! HAAHAHAHAHAHAH (I don't have any pets, thank you XD)

Thursday, October 8

Footprints in the sand

Ok for once I'll be colouring your hearings too. ngahahhaha

A picture that reminds me of a song. That song has been in the 'repeat playlist' of mine in May (Somehow I felt like it was a looong time ago).

The picture was taken during the trip to Kuantan. Mehhh not so cool but ahah as one title can put two different things. hahahahaha


You know who you are and you know where to find me. You'll find it in the sands.

p/s: Oh. Speaking of where to find me. You'll find me more in flickr. Check out The Flicks on the right hand side of the page. It got updated even faster that any of my blogs. HAHAHAHAHA yeah, recently I'm obsessed with Flickr +_+