Thursday, October 8

Footprints in the sand

Ok for once I'll be colouring your hearings too. ngahahhaha

A picture that reminds me of a song. That song has been in the 'repeat playlist' of mine in May (Somehow I felt like it was a looong time ago).

The picture was taken during the trip to Kuantan. Mehhh not so cool but ahah as one title can put two different things. hahahahaha


You know who you are and you know where to find me. You'll find it in the sands.

p/s: Oh. Speaking of where to find me. You'll find me more in flickr. Check out The Flicks on the right hand side of the page. It got updated even faster that any of my blogs. HAHAHAHAHA yeah, recently I'm obsessed with Flickr +_+

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