Monday, October 12

New set of Kittens!

Not mine, but my neighbours'!

After the death of the three cats named after Brangelina's kids, no kitten had been produced as a new brown female-pregnant cat came to settle into the house so the former cat factory sulked and ran away. We waited for the brown one to pop but all the plot became really complicated and..

The next door neighbour of my neighbour's gave their set of kittens to be raised! And the brown apparently became the surrogate mother to the new set! How interesting! (I only found out last Saturday. haih. And I haven't really confirm how many are the kittens. hahaha. Lambat sungguh berita. wakakaka)

This is the.. First orange ;P

The gray,

The lighter orange,

and the second orange.

I call this pose 69 symbiosis ;P

Finishing leftovers

Santai. wakakakaka

The 3 muffins and the chocolate cake. ngahahahahahaha

That fella knows how to pose though. Mereka ni menarik ;D

We'll see how it goes. I don't think they have their names yet ;P

p/s: Guys, take note. If you start to have a cat for a pet, that's a sign that you have been single for too long! HAAHAHAHAHAHAH (I don't have any pets, thank you XD)


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